Thread: Linux API functions

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    Linux API functions

    Hi, I'm reading free pdf chapters from book Operating systems from Garry Nutt, and in the chapter 8
    I found one example in which is written that critical section problem can be avoided by using enableInterrupt() and disableInterrupt() function.
    Are these functions really exists or it is just pseudo example I don't know because don't know anything about Unix/Linux

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    Those are not Unix system calls (analagous to Windows API, but NOT the same).

    Access to shared memory is usually controlled by a mutex, but there are other ways. Critical sections are a kind of shared memory.

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    Can I say Linux API at all?
    Is API specific only to winows?
    I thought that API functions are those functions in kernel32.dll and similar and system call is actually API function call.

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    API is a generic term, not specific to Windows or *nix.
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