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    Unhappy Need help on Character Sets

    Hello Everyone,
    please tolerate my newbie questions (as Im trying to divorce Microsoft and switch over to Linux). Currently, I've gone through a tutorial on CURSES and wrote a small program to actually implement it.
    I created a new window in it but am facing two problems.

    1. If I use the box(...) function, All I get is a tiny bright block in the top left corner of the window. No other border is visible.

    2. Then I used the wborder(....) function. But to my surprise, I cannot use the extended ASCII characters that I normally used in DOS for drawing borders (single line and double line).

    Can anyone help me out of this situation. I want to draw (or atleast print) single-line and double-line border characters as text in linux. How do I go about it?

    Help everyone you can

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    you haven't show any code what you have written,
    but take a look to ...
    .. maybe there's something what helps you through this problem
    and ncurses has constants beginning with ACS_* to implement different kind of
    "graphic" characters.
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