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    kernel mod

    is there some way u could "remotely" insmod to a kernel. thanx.
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    insmod mymodule.

    or I suppose you could write something that lives in the kernel and listens to specific port for some kind of packet and then calls the module loader, but that strikes me as potentialy very insecure

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    If by remotely you mean from another computer, then yes.
    There is a solution that could mean less hasle than the ssh one awoodland suggests. You can issue commands to be used in the remote machine using the command line. So, on a console:
    [user@box1 ~]$ ssh -l root box2 "insmod modulename"
    Now all you need to do is change box2 for the machine you wanna insmod in and modulename for the actual name of the module.
    It will ask you for the password for box2 (unless it's in one fo the config files for ssh, I can't remember which), and you will get the output from the command in box2 on your prompt.
    You could also login as a normal user, and sudo the command, although it'd me more hassle.
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