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    Development in Linux

    Howdy guys,

    I've gotten into a lot of .NET development lately, and I'm looking at getting Fedora Core II and installing Mono (since v1 is nearly ready), and using it for my development system.

    While I'm waiting for the ISO's to arrive, I'd like to learn a little about how shared libraries, ./configure scripts, make, make install etc all work, with some sort of basic tutorial. A walkthrough on developing my own library would be great.

    Things like what is a .so file? .o? When creating a program using the library, what do I have to do?

    I'd prefer them to be in C# or C++, but C is fine.

    So if anyone knows of any helpful tutorials, please post them!
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    A good book that I have. Highly informative. a .so is a shared library, kinda like .dll in windows. I would recommend that book though; it covers everything you asked about

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    Linux Programming Resources

    For Linux programming, I'm using wxGTK+.

    Best Regards,

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