Thread: http application library known ?

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    http application library known ?

    I am about to change some code in order to make it controllable by a web interface. I want to be able to get commands and values out of the http-stream/messages and send back results (ie. complete pages or just a few numbers to be embedded in the page etc.).
    I got simple requests/replies so far and it does what i want but its no way clean nor is it standard conformant
    Now my problem is that it would be nice if there would be a way to avoid re-implementing ALL this http stuff. I want to be able to deal with my data only and let the library do the standard things like fetching images and fixed html pages from files.

    So i wondered if there is a library that can do something like this for linux ?

    Or any good idea ? Chris
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    Here's one - I'm sure there are others...
    man libcurl
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    Thanks a lot.
    Their website ( alone contains links ( to many similar projects
    I guess i can find something there ...

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    I had a closer look at libcurl today and it seems to me it is unable to serve content. It rather goes the other way round. It can construct http-commands and fetch content from a webserver for you.

    Now i found pthrlib and will give this one a try. It was used to build webservers and basically that is what i want to do but i want to save the effort implementing the basics of it


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