Thread: Accessing http in Linux using C?

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    Accessing http in Linux using C?

    What I want to do in my program is download a file off the internet. I feel it's important that I write the code myself as a learning experience. So far I've looked at sockets and have read many times that it is for the low level stuff, not for what I want to do. Yet I keep looking around trying to figure out where to begin, and I can't find anything. Google is near useless when you don't know what you're looking for.

    Downloaded wget's source and quickly gave up on that - waaayyyy too much program to hack apart for what little I want to do.

    Any ideas where I should begin?

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    the best bet is to use wget's source get the oldest version you can find. It will be the best for learning off of. would be the best bet go into the src directory. If it is confusing to you then just study it more, there isn't that much code. Break it down into what you want and need.

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    check it out, it is the rfc on the latest version of http.

    is the older version of the protocol, and if you do a search on the later site you should be able to find the rfc for ftp.

    good luck
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