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    There are links to all the flags from the Gentoo docs, along with descriptions of the common ones.
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    Originally posted by linuxdude
    Stage 1 is going to be the fastest if you get it. Because you can edit your make.conf file to have optimizations on the CFLAGS= line. If you start from stage two it won't be as fast because the bootstrap will already be compiled. If you start from stage 3 then everything is already compiled. If it is already compiled it isn't optimized for your system. A good thing to do is print the documentation and follow it line by line when installing
    Not really. If he downloads the P3 stage2 files they're already pre-bootstrapped for a P3. Hence he won't really get ANYthing out of bootstrapping.

    If he uses the x86 tarballs, however, he WILL get some optimizations.

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    i wont be dowloading the p3 files cuse the comp im putting it on is like a p1 at the most thats why i wanted to know what files to download earlier... and how do i know wether its a i386/i486/i586/i686

    PS. sorry for all the non programming questions... the will turn into programming questions as soon as i get linux up and running
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    is AMD a sub category of x86 or is it in a catagory of its own?

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