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    Newbie Parking

    I am new to C++ and Linux. I am learning quick and I am looking for resources. Anyone have recommendations for Linux C++ books(I am gonna hit the nearest Chapters, Coles, etc. come payday) and websites(free web stuff preferred but not necessary)?

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    Most of Linux is programmed in C not C++ at first it was a mix but then Linus decided to standard it to all C. A book for programming linux in C is Advaced Linux Programming by O'reilly Of couse if you are just doing basic programs then C++ isn't that OS specific.

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    More specifically I am looking to learn to program linux games and apps. which language would you suggest ?

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    C and look into XLib, Xt and some toolkit built on Xt. Some popular toolkits include:


    Others can add to the list if they want.
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    C from C the complete reference. Xlib and Opengl from the links in my sig. Linux specific stuff from the linux programming bible. This C/C++ quick reference. Nvidia has lots of useful stuff for graphics programming in opengl. And the search button on the following forums: gamedev, justlinux, You could also subscribe to the newsgroups and comp.lang.c

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