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    Talking programmers needed :)

    Hi, folks...
    I'm just wondering if anyone of you wants to join me in my new project: a cool medieval RPG (well, nothing serious really - more just a fun idea...). I've recently made a little draft of it in SDL... You can download the source from this link (note that units are taken from myth 2 and the paladin is from diablo). This version can load and save maps and load scenario, but nothing more really (i've tried to implement fog and stuff, but i couldn't get it work, so just forget it for the moment).
    This is of course an opensource GPL project and is just for fun (i'm not really an experienced programmer, but still... ), but it could be cool if anyone would join me (it's boring to work alone ). Just drop me a line at

    (edit: if you've got any comments on the code, i would love to hear them)
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    The OS requirements were Windows Vista Ultimate or better, so we used Linux.

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