Thread: Glade-2 Setup

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    Glade-2 Setup

    I am trying to get Glade to work under Fedora. It is installed but I get an error when I try to build which says check to insure Glade is included in the path. I set the path which is /usr/share
    but am still getting the error.
    I tried the shell script from a terminal window. which is in /usr/share/glade-2/gtk
    but had to change the permission. I set it to 755.
    I still can not build from glade though any suggestions.

    It seems the problem is only when I select the C++ option for source output.
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    got it to build but now when I use it gives me an error can not find gnome-common m4 macros and sugests I copy them into the ./macro directory.

    Anybody know where to find the macros? I have gnome-common installed.

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