Thread: Help in samba configuration

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    Help in samba configuration

    I have a problem in my office.
    We are using Samba server. To connect with that server we did not use smbclient. Instead of the client we mount the samba server directory in my local machine to work in that directory.
    My problem is when i try to create symbolic link for a file or dir , we got error message "Operation not permitted".I could create a new file or dir(only problem is link). We tried a lot to solve the problem but in vain.
    Any help pl.
    I can create the link in the samba server itself but not in mounted dir.

    Thank you

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    are you root. If you are change the permissions of the directory then do the ln -s

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    yes. I am working as a root user. it is working in same pc.

    when i mount that dir and try to create link from different pc, it is not working. One more think is , i could create files, dir, etc.

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    Is the remote machine a linux box?

    What file system is used on the remote share?

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