Thread: the MAIL command in UNIX and Pipes

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    twm, I think you're getting confused about who posted.

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    >twm, I think you're getting confused about who posted.
    How so? The first part was to you, the second to RoshanX. As far as I can tell, each comment was sent to the proper person.
    The information given in this message is known to work on FreeBSD 4.8 STABLE.
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    Nope , won't work. It will work if I use "Mail" instead of "mail". And I am using a sun os.

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    try doing something like:
    fprintf(pipe_id,"Subject: %s\n",subject); //subject placed here
    I'm not sure if you need the newline or if it's best to use it there, but it should work.

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    Sending email thingie

    This is a tad late, but you could always do something like this (to solve the discrepency about "mail" and "Mail" :P)

    #define YourEmail ""
    FILE *email;
    char cmd[64] = "";
    if((email = fopen("mail", "a+")) == NULL)
    	die("Cannot open text file for email.\n");
    fprintf(email, "To: %s\n", recpt);
    fprintf(email, "From: %s\n", YourEmail);
    fprintf(email, "Subject: There are %d users using %d processes\n\n", user_count, proc_count);
    ** fprintf(email, "message line here\n");
    ** etc
    sprintf(cmd, "/usr/lib/sendmail %s < mail", recpt);
    Not the best way, but it works, and I know, I had to use system()

    I'm sure there are other ways, such as "fastmail", or "sendmail -t with popen() and pclose()", but like I said, this was just an idea I had and decided to post because of the "mail" "Mail" discussion and to show that the code for it isn't that long in C, as the other person suggested.
    - Daniel Wallace

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