Thread: Portable Threading, Which Type?

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    Portable Threading, Which Type?

    OK, Im looking for portable threading support (Working on both winblows and linux) that takes a function pointer void (*func)(void *) and a void pointer to pass to that function as arguements. Im not interested in ones with alot of overhead like required inter-thread messaging systems, etc. I want to call one function to make this happen, like CreateThread(bla,bla,funcptr,voidptrfuncdata,bla,b la,bla,bla); and boom its done. This is what i am seeking, who can put a name with my description?

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    Your best bet is to write wrapper functions around Windows threads and POSIX threads, then conditionally compile.
    The information given in this message is known to work on FreeBSD 4.8 STABLE.
    *The above statement is false if I was too lazy to test it.*
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