Thread: strange segmentation fault error!

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    strange segmentation fault error!

    Hi all,

    This is my first post to the forum. I encountered a strange bug in my program and would like to seek the expertise of the group.

    I have a window created using GTK/GDK displaying a video stream. On mouse clicking inside the window frame, I am to get the coordinates of the mouse click. All these appear fine. The problem only surfaces after numerous clicks (around >10, sometimes even the 2nd or 3rd clicks), the program terminates with a segmentation fault error.

    On debugging with gdb, the error the cause the segmentation fault was a file called eval.c could not be located. I did not create such a file and a find/search on the system does not show the presence of such a file.

    What could be wrong with the problem?

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


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    eval.c I believe is a file from gtk's source code. Now, the fact that this can't be found isn't the actual cause of the segfault. gdb just can't find it to give you the debugging information.
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