Thread: Key management problem (ncurses)

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    Key management problem (ncurses)

    I wrote this to show what the problem is :

    #include <ncurses.h>
    #define ESC 27
    int main ()
    	int x = 0;
    	initscr ();
    	keypad (stdscr, TRUE);
    	cbreak ();
    	while (x != ESC)
    		clear ();
    		printw ("%d", x);
    		x = getch ();
    	endwin ();
    	return 0;
    So, pressing any key makes it's code appear on the screen. However, pressing the HOME or END keys exits the program at once. Pressing the ESC key also exits the program, but with a delay of about a second.

    What should I change to make it run right (ECS exits immediately, HOME/END prints the keycode)?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For the delay in processing escape, try this environment variable:

    export ESCDELAY=0

    Haven't had cause to use it myself, so I'd recommend you research it properly if you want to know why it's there in the first place.
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    In ncurses,Scan codes for function keys,Esc etc have been defined with values greater than 256 (U cant use char variable to capture them).
    To get ur program right , change the contition as

    while ( x!=KEY_ESC) //KEY_ESC for Esc key

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