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    FreeBSD Threads

    I know this isn't a Linux question, but this is the closest we got to a *nix board here.

    I can't find much info on FreeBSD Threading (libc_r). I tried google'ing and to no success. Anybody have any luck with it?

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    Where is vVv when needed?

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    What exactly do you want to know?
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    You should be able to use POSIX threads.

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    But I don't wanna!

    I just wanted to learn FreeBSD's threading. I can use POSIX threads as well, and I probably would use them in anything that I would seriously want to release for cross-platform support.

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    FreeBSD threads are POSIX threads. That is their interface.

    FreeBSD native threads (libc_r)
    FreeBSD's threads library, libc_r, has had many features and performance improvements added, which makes it almost completely POSIX-compliant.

    Documentation for FreeBSD's native threads is available via the pthread(3) man page.

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    I meant POSIX threads as in the pthread library, sorry for the confusion.

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