Thread: Process Structure?

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    Process Structure?

    Is there a function/structure to handle storing the system process information on a linux-based system?

    For example, with utmp.h, you're able to grab user information from the utmp file and store it in a structure -- trying to do to the same thing with processes.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Um... I don't think there is any way to get the process by a header file, I haven't found one. There _might_ be a folder which you can get the processes from, like /var/run or something, but if you look at the source for 'top' you'll see it has a lot of magic numbers so to speak. There is a tihng on the <a href="">FAQ</a> on this site that has something to do with what you are looking for
    - Daniel Wallace

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    I would either call ps with popen, or figure out what ps does on your particular operating system. If you are on linux you can possibly use procfs.

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