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    Yeah, but I don't want to learn another "language" just to use vi

    In emacs its:

    ctrl - x -s to save
    ctrl - x - c to quit

    Its not too bad actually. I do wish to learn vi, as maybe someday I might be working on a system that does not have any editor that I am familiar with, and I understand that vi is pretty standard on just about any *nix system. The trouble is that I take the path of least resistance, and I am not *forced* to learn a new editor right now. Regarding the difficulty of learning any complex set of commands for an editor, its been my experience (and of course someone will likely give an example to remind me that the opposite is true) that the harder something is to learn, the more useful it is when it is learned. I should start with vi sometime soon, and get used to at least some of the basic stuff anyway.

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    I could write a full-length vim howto but I will not.
    just simple commands for now.

    to get to the command line:
    commands begin with :
    :w - write
    :q - quit
    :c - cancel
    :cq - cancel and quit
    :wq - write and quit (save and quit)

    to start editing simply press i when the program starts, i for input. If you want to search for a string get to the command line and type
    without the single quotes

    thats all, simple I think. emacs has a lot of nice features but like you said im not forced to learn it so I probably won't until I'm really bored.

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    Ok cool then. I was going to start wrestling with some of those 'evil' exercises from K&R (not really evil, but some of them look hard), and I think I will try my hand at vi while I do them.

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