Thread: Reading a (possibly EXT2) partition with Windows

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    Reading a (possibly EXT2) partition with Windows


    I'm not too sure where to post this, but I guessed this was as good a forum as any. If your in a hurry skip the next 6 paragraphs:

    Recently I've been running Mandrake 9.0 on my old computer (4 gig HDD). I love linux now and I had it all running perfectly for a good 4 months. But then I got Visual C++.... and my life changed. I was forced to go back to the dull boring look of Windows 2000 just so that I could run my new compiler.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a windows basher or anything but I prefer linux much more. But I also prefer programming for windows (especially with VC++) more than I do for linux (most likely because I'm more accustomed to it).

    When I was running linux I downloaded a lot of file/packages/rpms that I thought were essential. I couldn't find a nice burning program when I needed it (I was in a hurry to take my new VC++ for a spin), so I decided to make my 'storage' partition (200mb) Fat32. I took everything off, turned it to fat, and then moved all the files back (I was still running linux at the time but mandrakes great for writing to Fat disks I've found).

    So accoring to mandrake the partition was fat. I firgured it was now fine because I could install windows on the rest of the disk and leave that partition, and maybe burn its contents to a CD with nero.

    BUT.... when I installed windows, it doesn't recognise the partition It asks me if I want to format it instead.

    So I'm stuck with a partition I can't access for a long time (until I reinstall mandrake). Thats ok, because its not absolutley necessary right now, but there are some files on there (read music) that I downloaded and I want them back.

    All I want is a program I can use within windows to be able to write to the partition. Unfortunatly I'm not too sure what file system it is (It should be Fat, but apparently its not, so I suspect it may still be ext2 (or 3, whichever is mandrakes default)

    Any good links?

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    you can get versions of linux that will boot entirely off a cd. then you can copy the data over from your ext2 partition to your fat partition.

    You can get these bootable linux cd versions with some computer mags or search google for an iso,
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    If you need a good GUI bootable Linux cd, definatly check out Knoppix 3.2. Best bootable ever.
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    Don't bump month-old posts.
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    If it's on the first page I'll do what I like with it.
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    Originally posted by KneeLess
    [/url]. Best bootable ever.
    slackware live is nice too.

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