Thread: C structure in perl typemap

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    C structure in perl typemap

    How do all?

    I'm calling some C code from perl by using XS. I've declared all the code in myprog.xs but I'm not sure how to tell perl about my C struct.

    Do I edit ExtUtils/typemap? and if I do what do I add where?

    Perl also doesn't know about long*.

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    Well, I got it working without using structs - it was more of a design issue.

    long * can be used by using void * in the XS declaration and a cast to long * in the C.

    This is pretty cool stuff though. Means I can call C library functions from Perl and maintain data (eg. persistent database connections)without using exec et al.

    Good chapter in Programming Perl (Wall et al) on this: 21 Internals and Externals.

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