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    You shouldn't need to connect a socket just to find out what your IP is.

    char name[256], * ip ;
    if (gethostname(name,255) == 0)
     struct hostent * hp ;
     struct in_addr addr ;
     hp = gethostbyname (name) ;
     if (!hp) 
      // error
     memcpy (&addr, hp->h_addr_list[0], hp->h_length) ;
     ip = inet_ntoa (addr) ;
     // code with this, etc
     // error
    I don't know what the portability situation with this is, but it works fine for me.

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    You sure are quick to fly off the handle, sir. I figured it would be acceptable as there ARE other replies in that thread, and guess what? Oh no! They aren't yours! Oh wait, I see. They were glorifying you, so they are acceptable. Of course. It all makes sense. If someone doubts you, it goes in a thread where others won't see it in your FAQ. Now as I did not read your full topic, seeing as I do not need heaps and heaps of your advice, I did not see the message about not posting. Maybe you should edit the FIRST post to say that. Of course, don't want to be a burden.

    Chill. You seem to be on a power trip and quick to flame. My apologies for making a suggestion.

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    There, problem solved, that thread is closed. vVv, just PM me or another mod when you want to update it.
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