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    socket programming recv function

    on my lan is running a webserver so when i wrote a simple socket application like

    char buffer[32];
    struct sockaddr_in * address= new (struct sockaddr_in);
    printf("connect %d \n",connect(sock,(struct sockaddr *)address,sizeof(*address)));
    printf("%d ",send(sock,"GET /index.htm",14,0));

    till send everything is working fine but why i am not able to retreive the index.htm page back .

    i have tried the same program on my linux box too but to no avail .what is the prob am i missing something ...

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    > printf("%d ",send(sock,"GET /index.htm",14,0));
    Do you need to send a newline with this as well?

    > recv(sock,buffer,32,0);
    This doesn't know how much data will be returned, and in particular, it can return the data in fragments. It's up to you to reassemble the data into its proper form.
    int n;
    while ( (n=recv(sock,buffer,32,0)) > 0 ) {
        // do something with n bytes in buffer
    if ( n == -1 ) {
        perror( "cant recv" );
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    thanx it's working now ... i needed two new line characters ....

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