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    merging linux partition

    I had recently merged my linux partition with windows(FAT32) partition.but the lilo boot loader still used to come.however linux kernels were not detected.
    now i am not able to boot from my hard disk.
    instead i get a 101010 infinite sequence.
    I am able to view my contents using HDD as slave.
    what could be the possible prob?
    would formatting solve the prob.
    is it a hardware or a software prob?

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    you merged windows and linu? thats kind of evil.

    if your computer wont boot it might be because of the MBR, have you tried running /sbin/lilo from a livecd after you chrooted your hard drive and fixed it up?

    it would be kool if lilo supported fat so you could boot linux off windows partition. i know there are distros for this, but that would be a nice standard feature(is it?).

    formatting would solve the problem, but its not needed. some one will know the way to do this.

    most likely software.

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    If sounds like you have LILO in your MBR, controlling bootup rather than NTLDR or equivelent.

    If you've moved your linux partition, by merging or whatever, the lilo config is not going to be pointing to the right area of the disk to boot linux. 101010 usually occurs when it can't find or understand the linux boot sector.

    Why did you merge?

    I would reinstall.

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