Thread: how do you handle all your headers?

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    how do you handle all your headers?

    how do you guys handle all your headers.

    i mean when you make a usefull .c file and make a .h for what do you do after?

    i was thinking about making them into static libraries. i tried using a env variables in my include but that didnt work. now im thinking in /usr/include i could make a link to my home folder with them.

    my problem is some of my headers need my other headers, if i make them into object files will anything get mixed up? will i be wasting space? will it always work?

    how do you guys deal with yours? i posted it here since i really dont want to deal with windows .dlls.


    [edit] i forgot to add, can gcc look in a seperate dir for object files? i know of the command line option put is there a file or env variable i can edit so it always looks there.
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