Hi, this isn't really a C++ problem but I think you guys might know what I mean. I have been trying to install Borland Kylix 3 (the free one I downloaded off the internet) on my Mandrake 9.0 computer.

I have run ./testsystem and it said I was ok. BUT when I run ./borpretest it says it can't find 'lib-a.so'. I find this wierd since the file is in the same directory as borpretest, and I checked the permissions and made everything avaliable so it could work, but its still says it can't find it.

Moving on, I then go through the installation with setup.sh, but when it comes to installing the program files rpm, it stops with an error code of -10. I have checked the permissions and it should be able to run just fine :S.

If anyone out there knows how to fix this so I can install I would be most grateful.

~ Paul