Thread: To BSD or not to BSD

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    To BSD or not to BSD

    OK, here we go:

    1) Which BSD?

    2) What about hardware support? Surely not as good as Linux.

    3) What about package mangement? For those who can't compile from source, or those who don't want to screw up dependencies!

    4) I've got a Linux server in my loft that I use for development. I usually ssh into it and use vi. But sometimes I vnc onto it and use gnome. Does BSD provide an IDE out-of -the-box?


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    i have yet to find any hardware i own that does not run on bsd...

    current fbsd hardware setup

    geforce 4 ti 4200
    usb optical mouse
    on board intel nic
    on board sound

    and absolutly no problems... in fact i would even think that bsd has better hardware support in some cases than linux... i dont know of any linux distribution that will install on as many platforms as netbsd...

    bsd is just great

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    I have to agree with that. BSD is a great Unix system. The only problem I have with it is its a pain to get any linux games to work under BSD. I have not used BSD for a couple of years so I dont know how the support has come.. I was really looking at games like uplink, UT2k3, and RTCW.

    But they reguardless.. I find that as a desktop or server box they are very powerfull and workable!

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    You know I might just have a play this weekend, and convert my linux development box to freebsd.

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