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    Question memory allocation and freeing


    Okay, heres two structures
    struct TEST
         char   *var1;
         DATA  *data; 
    struct DATA
        char   *datavar;

    lets say I allocate the memory and everything. When I get to the point that I need to free() it I have a questions.

    lets say we have...

    struct TEST test1;

    if I free(test1); does it free *var1, and *data too? or do I need to seperately free them as well? also, if I were to... test1=NULL; will it NULL var1 and data too? or, again, do I need to do those seperatley?

    Thanks, any help on these minor questions will be most appreciated, as well as any other insights.


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    If you allocate memory for any members explicitly, you need to free it, along with the struct itself.
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