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    Question C tutorials

    Hi all

    I am new C programming lanaguage, I can do shell scripting for bash, VB and a bit of pascal.

    I am currently looking for Online C tutorials to get me going with programming in C on my Linux system.

    By the way I am anti-Micro$oft so therefore I do not use Windows or micro$oft products. Please do not reply anything that is only for Windows.


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    The FAQ here has some amazing information that I have not seen anywhere else, but it is not a tutorial from the ground up. Here are a few others that I've seen.

    This is good and starts from the ground up

    This is great, it's like a huge FAQ

    This is good and starts from the ground up

    Socket stuff

    This has some fun stuff on linked lists, im currently reading this

    For function-pointers(I havent read this yet but I heard its good)

    Pointer tutorial, really really good, Ive read up to chapter 9, its awesome

    You should really buy a book also. The C Programming Language is really good, in fact I just got it myself since I finished reading the other book on C I had. It has stuff in it that my other book did not have so it is definitely a good book.

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