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    Linux script

    I once made this script which used CRON to be run every minute. Here's what the script did:

    I ran a game server for a game called Neverwinter Nights. If the server crashed and I wasn't home, I couldn't reset it and all my regular players would be out of luck until I could put the server back up. So I wrote this script that did something like "grep" and check the results for a certain string. If the string was found, then I the server was running. If the string was not found, it would execute the command to start up the server. I lost that script, and haven't done anything in linux since. Now a friend wants it who runs a server.

    Could somebody just write some pseudo code for me for how to do this? And any linux-specific commands I'll need in writing it?

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    There's probably better ways, but here's one:
    typeset -i num  # if your shell supports it
    num=$(ps -ef|grep $PROG|wc -l)
    echo "$num instances of program $PROG running"
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