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    Question QT and external libraries

    My project group and I are trying to integrate QT Libraries with the ARIA libraries necessary for operation of an ActivMedia robot.
    Initially we modified the qmake.conf file and placed the modified file in the working directory, having added the necessary library flags. Unfortunately, when we run qmake -project, qmake, make the Aria libraries still are not added into the compiler statements.

    If anyone could provide help regarding including external libraries, like the ARIA ones, into a QT program, it would be very much appreciated.

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    If you placed the include (header lib)files in the /usr/bin/qtdir/include
    then I found you have to add the following lines in your make file
    QTDIR = /usr/bin/qtdir/include
    regardless you will have to adjust your make file
    if the include files are in a different directory try this
    adding a variable pointing to the directory
    ARIADIR=/usr/bin/aria (or whatever the path is)
    then change the line
    INCPATH = .......................
    and add
    this to it
    INCPATH = -I$(ARIADIR)/include or just -I$(ARIADIR) if you included the full path

    Hope that helps just a newbie myself so no guarantees.

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