I have been away from the internet for a while now. I have moved and lost virtually all connection to the internet except the library.

I have skimmed over the pages quickly and am still pleased to see people are still enthusiastic about linux and programming as I am.

Lately I have been picking apart programming learning ASM and higher-level programming such as socket programming and more.

Before (long time ago) I thought I used to know a lot. I KNEW NOTHING. I still know nothing, but now I know what I need to learn.

I am now a big C++ fan, I can fix many many many problems I had in C with C++ like memory management and more important STRINGS. oh boy strings, the root of all evil.

strncpy() and strcpy() and all sorts of buffer overflowing

I need to go soon, a lady behind me wants the computer :-(

Um, I wish everyone a fun time programming, keep up the good work. Support open source etc.

Quick references to great books:

Intel Guide to x86 Programming Low Level Languages

Hacking Linux Exposed

Sockets Programming for Linux

The art of Deception (by Kevin D. Mitnick, for those who know him)

Takedown (I thought Tsutomu had a cool life, although he is very prejudice)

Programming in Linux


for those who want to learn C or any other language

First. I seriously recomend going in this order, (take it from me, i am a computer science major and have a good amount of experience)

[Any language, usually Java]
Perl, Python, Ruby (scripting)

I think that the best way to go is learn C or C++ from a class then pick apart your programs and learn how the computer works. You can learn ASM this way (usually). After learning C or C++ you can probably learn any other language just from a book.

Thank You all!

Sorry about my previous arrogance, and good luck to you all