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    Lord CyKill

    Unhappy replacing console output

    i want to display a timer in C with sleep function,but the problem is that I want to display the remaining time and then overwrite it after 1 second.How can i overwrite a number that i have already
    dsplayed it on the console and then replace it with another diget?
    I am working in gcc.

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    Unhappy hmm

    but when it go to single digit, the units digit is replaced with 0 and the actual unit digit shifts to tens to go from 10 to 9, it turns into 90!

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    Hi, I am new to the board
    Anyway, you could always do a check for timer. If it's < 10 you print 0%d (that's a zero). If it's > 10, you print %d...

    do {
      if (timer < 10) {
        printf( "\r0%d", timer );
      } else {
        printf( "\r%d", timer );

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    Or you could do it the easy way:

    >>printf ("%02d\n", 1);

    The 02 means a minimum field width of 2, filled with leading zeros.
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