Thread: how to compile a c program in Linux

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    Question how to compile a c program in Linux

    Hi guys,

    I'm a C newbie. I'm learning C programming under Linux environment. I'd like to know how to compile and run a program programA.c, which #include "programB.h". I've programA.c, programB.h and programB.c all in one directory.

    Do I have to compile programB.c first?

    I try this command "cc -o programA programA.c" but it didn't work?

    Can anyone help, please. Thanks

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    gcc -o program program.c

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    i dont really know the difference between those two.
    some time ago i was used to cc. now i got used to gcc.
    my two cents.

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    here is a page at my school that can explain how it dependencies work and how to create a make file better thatn I can.....
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    But still a common question (but it never annoyed me)
    My main.c includes stdio.h, in which function prototype e.g. printf() is declared. But I don't have source code for printf's body.
    How does `$ cc main.c' works without compiling body?

    If I have several headers.h and several bodies.c, how do I compile like above i.e. `$ cc main.c' only without compiling bodies?
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