Thread: Printing in Linux console (Epson LQ-300+)

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    Printing in Linux console (Epson LQ-300+)

    Anyone of you have experience to print in linux console, can help me to print better... configure line space and and page size. I guess have problem with my lpd. Anyway.. I can print lines through
    #/bin/cp file /dev/lp0

    and getting error to work with:
    #lpr filename

    Status Information:
    sending job 'zahid@DNS+319' to missingprinter@localhost connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1 cannot open connection to localhost - No such file or directory Make sure the remote host supports the LPD protocoland accepts connections from this host and from non-privileged (>1023) ports

    In another PC
    I found lpr filename works. How to configure.. Given time to google. No result.
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