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    Timing algorithms

    How would I alter my makefile or make a shellscript that will run, compile and record the times for my program. I want to time them to compare results.

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    timex yourprogramname.exe

    Im not sure if there is a man page for timex or not, maybe you can search the net for info. I believe it prints user time, kernel time, & combined time to stdout after your program has exited.
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    Not sure how to actually compute the time, but you can using something called big O notation.

    It calculates the theorictal time/space of algorithms.

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    yes, with the big O notation you can compute several things, not only the time needed for the program.

    BUT: you donīt get "this takes 30 seconds" but you get something like "your program is in O(nē)"... so, the O notation depends on a variable, or two or even more... and i think the author of this thread wants to get the real time!


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