Thread: gotoxy(int x, int y) in Linux?

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    Question gotoxy(int x, int y) in Linux?

    I sat yesterday and programmed a little konsole application in Linux (just because I was bored you know ). And I found out that I couldn't use the function gotoxy(int x, int y) in Linux (though I can use it in any Borland Windows compiler). I couldn't find any header file where it's declared. Why? Doesn't Linux use this function? What other function can I use?

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    check out the ncurses library.

    search around or type "man ncurses" i a console.
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    >>Why? Doesn't Linux use this function?
    Not really, gotoxy is the brainchild of Borland and pretty much is only used on Windows platforms.

    >>What other function can I use?
    It's hackey, but you can use a character print sequence to do it
    void gotoxy(int x, int y)
      printf("\033[%d;%df", y, x);
    Curses would be a better choice though :-)

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    see >> Linux: gotoxy() - c may be help u

    arastoo s

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    Curses would be a better choice though :-)
    The reason for this (for the OP's benefit) is for portability. The codes that deal with this action can vary from machine to machine. Linux always emulates a VT-100 terminal, but using a Library adds another layer of safety, readability, and portability to you code. This is actually similar to the problem you had to begin with - gotoxy() is not Standard C, it just happens to be implemented by Borland compilers on Microsoft platforms. So your code wasn't portable to Linux.

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