Thread: structure not showing any value

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    structure not showing any value

    following is the code in which i have created two threads and two these two threads i have passed one structure.
    for the second thread, in the threadfunction, it shows the value fo charatcer and count as empty !!
    any idea what i am doing wrong?


    struct str1
    char character;
    int count;
    void* threadfunction(void* param)
    struct str1* p = (struct str1*)param;
    int i;
    printf("the character to be printed is %c and the number of time is %d\n\n",p->character, p->count);
    for(i = 0; i< p->count; i++)
    return NULL;

    int main()
    pthread_t thread1_id;
    pthread_t thread2_id;
    struct str1 structthread1;
    struct str1 structthread2;


    pthread_create(&thread1_id, NULL, &threadfunction, &structthread1);


    // printf("the character to be printed is %c and the number of time is %d\n\n",structthread1.character,structthread1.coun t);
    // printf("the character to be printed is %c and the number of time is %d\n\n",structthread2.character, structthread2.count);

    //pthread_create(&thread1_id, NULL, &threadfunction, &structthread1);
    pthread_create(&thread2_id, NULL, &threadfunction, &structthread2);

    return 0;


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    use code tags.

    use code tags to make it clear.Some people might then want to help you.
    click here to know what code tags are.
    "If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them. "
    -Isaac Asimov(1920-1992)

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    You should use the function pthread_join(&pthread_t) to make the main function to wait for the thread to finish. Since you are passing structure that is local to main, The main function should finish its execution last.

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