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    Angry ooof!

    hi ,
    i dont know where this message ought to be but here it is->
    hello.exe(c++ executable) doesnt run in linux. It just shows a wheel sign. I used to do alot of IDE and very new to linux so spare me.when i put the command "hello" at the shell it doesnt work. My books got only little pieces of breads.So help :-(

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    Your question is full of sentence fragments. You should try making more sense when you ask a question.

    What is the error message?
    If you are in linux why is your extension .exe?
    What are you compiling this with?

    Without more information, people will have a hard time answering your questions.

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    First of all, Linux does not use the .exe extension for an executable file.

    If you want to get that program to work under Linux then you should recompile it from the source code.
    Please note that this may not actualy work and you may have to rewrite the source code a little.

    When using the linux shell ( bash, csh or some other shell ), you have to remember that it often works from absolute paths, and failing that from the most common path.

    In windows / dos it worked from the relative path then searched for the file.

    If you are in the same directory as the program you want to run then you should type ./(thats a dot then a slash )filename such as ./hello

    Hope this helps.

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