Thread: Never seen a linux interface in my life

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    Never seen a linux interface in my life

    With that in mind to let u know how advance im at knowing linux

    can anyone help me with a sight to get a free version of linux
    to install on my system(i have win xp on it) so just to begin the journey by getting to know mr linux first?

    I like eventualy to learn linux programming but for now it has to wait i guess.

    thank u

    By the way are linux programmers a happier bunch than window programmers"less frustrated"?

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    U r a newbie, so download
    Redhat Linux:
    Mandrake Linux:

    The free iso images:

    Linux interface:

    Installing & Knowledge:


    Running Windows XP / Mandrake 9.1 Beta 2 without problems

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    oohh.. Linux is by born free for you.
    Just read the license of it.
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    Originally posted by SAMSAM
    By the way are linux programmers a happier bunch than window programmers"less frustrated"?
    I'll say that I've had a much better experience programming for Linux than my early beginning with Windows. It is much easier and I've been a happier programmer since I switched years ago.
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    In my view there is only one distro that you should start with and continue to use.

    That my friends is Slackware.

    If you are interested in Linux, then you should not be afraid to get your hands dirty from the start.

    By going with Slackware you will not get into the ugly habit of relying on rpm's for all your software, and know how to compile and install from the source .

    Hope I haven't turned you away from Linux with this statement, though while Red Hat and Mandrake are greate Distro's they make you too reliant on other peoples updates and patches.

    As far as programming in Linux goes, well I personally was always frustrated with the amount of garbage that Microsoft API's required to get a simple text box displaied, though this does not happen in Linux.


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