Its said, if you know what you are asking, you have answered have the question. And I am not sure about if I will make sense.

Basically this is my requirement. I have two PC's in the office. One has RH linux 8.0 and other windows 2000. I need to prepare some Quality indicator sheets. I want to design a intranet site, where the programmers can go and dump the data. Perhaps I will be using a database most likely mysql. I will query the database through a perl interface from windows 2000 and get the data to an excel sheet.

The problem is I do not know where to get started. I dont want to be spoon fed but I tried to find resources with queries like "getting started with intranet design on linux" etc. but could not get much info. I have never worked with HTML/mysql or APACHE.

Now then, if I have to make a webpage, how do I see it from the other computer. Whats the path etc... these are the questions in my mind.

Did I make any sense? If I did, well I have surprised myself.

Any help on getting started will be appreciated.