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    help info for gcc

    Normally I use gcc/g++ on linux, 90% of my source files comply with ANSI. I know that gcc/g++ goes much beyond ANSI. But I found it is very difficult to find books for gcc, even existing but only old version. So I know its library quite little. I think that nearly 100% of C/C++ books in markets are for Borland C++, MS VC++ or C#. Could anyone please suggest me which command on linux that I can see its full updated library and instruction manual for gcc? I've tried man page or info page. It does not cover all library but very few. Please do not advise me to do some googling, my boss is very poor (very low band-width internet).
    (Sometimes I use Borland C++ because I need its help info.)

    slackware 10.0; kernel 2.6.7
    gcc 3.4.0; glibc 2.3.2; vim editor
    migrating to freebsd 5.4

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    >>Please do not advise me to do some googling
    Okay, I'll just advise you to RTM.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Get a book (or download documents) on UNIX programming, that should let you enjoy some of the many features of gcc/g++

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