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    Relax. Slackware is easy to install. If you get the cdrom it just boots up and gives you a hand holding kind of setup experience. Just make sure the boot sequence in your bios is set up to let the cdrom boot first. But there are about a hundred ways to boot up and get Slackware on your on your PC. Zipslack is a distro that installs right on top of the fat file system and can have you using Slackware in minutes. Then if you are going to dual boot and have put zipslack on the windoze partiton you can use Zipslack to setup the rest of your hardrive (or another hardrive on your machine) for a real install. There are even instructions on how to move your zipslack installation to a real linux partition. Read the Faq that comes with zipslack. Or if you like zipslack just install packages from until you have a full distro:-) And you will still have a perfectly good windoze machine too!

    Slackware can be installed from a network too.

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    go to

    you can download the main versions (RH, slackware, debian, caldera etc..) and about twenty others. All free and ready to burn to a cdrom in ISO format
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