Thread: can you use fstream in linux?

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    can you use fstream in linux?

    specifically this type of file i/o:

    ifstream aFile ("blah", ios::binary)

    i don't actually have linux and i know nothing about it and can't test it, i just want to leave the option open in the future to port my program to linux.

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    Yes, you can use ifstream in linux. At work I had a problem using ios::binary on Unix, since all files are treated as binary. I assume you may find the same problem. Use a conditional define to test for the operating system, eg :
    #ifdef _LINUX_
    ifstream aFile ("blah");
    ifstream aFile ("blah", ios::binary);

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    why not just use the C defined file streams?
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    Originally posted by Lynux-Penguin
    why not just use the C defined file streams?
    ... The obvious answer: Maybe he's programming in C++.

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