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    Apache Web Server?

    when i get linux, i probably want this. but id like to knwo a little about it fist.

    #1, if i buy this, will i be able to run my own site? and be able to host others? how much would it cost? and what should i know how to do to install it?
    #2, is it what i think it is?

    i thibnk that covers it, just, i need to know a litt;e about it before i spend over some green on it (unless its free)
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    OK first off, when I used Apache
    I first ran it on Windows...
    The Apache server has a complete documentation on how everything works its nice but I would NEVER get far without a good book
    Apache Webserver Administration
    part of the Craig Hunt Linux library

    ok now a summary of Apache:

    Apache is a webserver, it is ways of taking html files and presenting them on a server (server is usually defined by the DNS)
    now Apahce has configuration files that allow you to control the way these files are presented. And when it comes to more advanced servers you will want to present interactive data and Apache gets the job done easily
    like PHP, CGI and stuff, it is easily done by adding a few lines to the config file.
    Apache is also run on Modules (like the kernel) these modules can have special features like an interpreter for CGI or even the interpreter for PHP, there are many modules and many purposes for these.

    may I also make one suggestion
    use the older versions like 1.3 and stuff
    I always found them better than the new ones, at least for my needs.

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    #1, if i buy this, will i be able to run my own site? and be able to host others? how much would it cost? and what should i know how to do to install it?
    Yes, you will be able to run your own site, you can also use BIND to have a name server, you can host has many sites has you want (Virtual Hosting if you only have one IP).
    Like many good things in Linux, Apache es FREE. To install it, download the latest (sources is best for me, but there are plenty of precompiled packages, I still recommend 1.3.x) and install it. You will probably want extra features with Apache, like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Mod_ssl, etc So read the official documentation

    #2, is it what i think it is?
    I dont know, is it?
    Apache es a http server.

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