Thread: Bad_alloc exception in under Linux?

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    Bad_alloc exception in under Linux?

    I was compilling a school assignment that I had done in Visual C++ on my home computer running Slackware 8.1 w/ gcc 2.95.3

    Anyway, I used the 'bad_alloc' exception thrown by the system when there is no more space to be allocated to the heap.

    I was wondering what I could use as an equalivent on my Linux system.

    The code runs and compiles fine without the lines using that exception.

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    The compiler supports exceptions fine... my own user defined exceptions work perfectly.

    template<class ItemType>
    const bool BST3<ItemType>::IsFull(){
    	Tests if tree is full by catching the bad_alloc() exception
    		bad_alloc() exception is thrown if no memory is available for data
    		to be allocated
    		BST3_node* temp_ptr;
    		temp_ptr = new BST3_node;	//Check for one node allocation
    		delete temp_ptr;
    	catch(	bad_alloc error	){	return true;  }
    	return false;
    There is an example of an IsFull function for a binary search tree I did for my non-linear data structures class. All compiles and runs fine under vC++ 6.0 -- and compiles fine with gcc/g++ 2.96 if I remove the lines that catch the bad_alloc.

    Code tags amended by Hammer

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