Thread: Newbie's struggle.

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    Newbie's struggle.

    With great difficulty, I have managed to convince my manager that my productivity wont be hampered if I use Linux as desktop instead of Win NT. I did it on a hunch, reading so many good things about linux.

    Now I am stuck coz after installing Debian linux with the help of so many people outside my office , I am finding it difficult to import messages, in the various folders(not private) in Microsoft Outlook, to KMail. I am only getting messages that are in my Inbox. Any help will be highly appreciated. also what is my best bet on a newbie resource on the net for linux preferably Debian.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm not 100% sure about Outlook, but emails are generally stored in one big file that the email client interprets as a folder full of emails. For example, your Inbox "folder" should just be a text file callbed "Inbox".

    Part of the problem may be that KMail usues different names for other "folders" than OE. You might try putting a few messages in each folder, and then searching your home directory to find out which folder those files are stored in ("find /home/myuname Inbox" should work). Try copying the OE files into those directories using the same names.. OR, since email "folders" are text files, you can just try cating them to the end of the files that KMail is using.

    I hope this helps, but please keep in mind that this is supposed to be a programming board, and that your chances of finding useful help about these sorts of issues increase if you try looking for a board that is geared towards more general use. Here's a decent start:


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