Thread: switch to linux?

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    Well, after looking and trying to remember where I read that cuote I cant backup my hiphothesis. However, IN MY OPINION, I think its best to start off the hard way, because then the rest is simple.

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    Here's a great article that gives some good reasons to use an alternative to Windows:
    My school's window computers wouldn't let me load the site, conspiracy? i'm pretty darn sure
    pretty good site though.

    starX makes a very good point though.
    it's up to each and every person what distro to use.

    The rhetoric of the Linux community needs to shift away from OS elitism and develop a more friendly environment that lacks the chest-thumping of those who just want a chance to show off how they are better than everyone else.
    Isnt that more or less what that Lindows distro does?
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    If you're getting started with linux, it's a good idea to go over to It has been a valuable resource as I have learned to use linux efficiently.
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