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    udp client

    does anyone know of a udp client i can use to test remote udp servers like ntp?

    i just want a utility like telnet, but for udp!!!

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    Ummm, there is no udp client. Udp is part of the TCP/IP suite of protocols and utilities. If you want to telnet over udp then you'll probably need to rewrite the telnet program to use udp because it's written to use tcp. What exactly is your objective?
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    well, as ia said i want to test remote upd servers like ntp.

    so, like you would test a web server using telnet:

    telnet 80

    i want an equivalent socket level upd client. eg.

    udpclient ntpserver 123

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    Did you read beej's guide yet? I know it doesn't cover UDP in much detail, but then there isn't that much to it.
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