Thread: How to install hardware on Redhat

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    Question How to install hardware on Redhat

    I've just started learning linux with Redhat 7.2 . I have problems with driver for hardwares. Could someone please suggest me how to install an internal modem "Conexant SoftK56 Data, Fax, Voice, Speaker phone PCI modem"?
    Moreover my printer, Epson Stylus Color 670, was found by Redhat but it doesn't work anyway. Even a simple command like "ls | lp" still not ok.
    Note that my printer connected via parallel port. I can print via par0 like "ls > par0".
    slackware 10.0; kernel 2.6.7
    gcc 3.4.0; glibc 2.3.2; vim editor
    migrating to freebsd 5.4

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    Could someone please suggest me how to install an internal modem
    You don't
    but seriously linux does not support these "winmodems" so basicly you need to toss it and get a real connection ( ) or an external modem

    dont know how to fix the printer but do a search on or and im sure you will find something
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    some winmodems are supported in linux, do some googling
    hello, internet!

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