Thread: Interested in learning how to program in linux

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    Interested in learning how to program in linux

    I'm a CSC major who expects to graduate next year, however my school has no courses that deal with linux (well, one class we are required to compile programs under linux, but that is the extent... the programs could run under a MS based system without any modifications). I was wondering where would be a good place to start to learn how to program GUIs for linux (like making apps for X-windows and Window Managers). Any links to any resources would be apperciated!

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    wasnt this more or less exact question recently asked/answered?
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    If you're really interested in learning about programming for linux, I would strongly reccommend that you buy a "stevens" book called Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment. It covers in detail POSIX and other standard system calls. Learn the GUI later. An employer won't be as interested in someone that knows how to program a basic interface with a toolkit compared to someone who actually knows a little something about the system calls...INMHO

    you can also check this book out (in .pdf) online for free:

    It's really basic, but it will help tell you if your interested in *nix without having to drop a lot of money on the book. Nevertheless if the above leaves you wanting more, buy the stevens book...It's worth the money...

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    If you buy only one book on programming for linux/unix, buy the Stevens book.

    If you buy two books, make the second [i]Beginning Linux Programming[\i], published by wrox press. It isn't as complete as Stevens' masterpiece, but it takes a more tutorial approach.

    If you're too cheap to buy a book, do a little searching on Google... I'm willing to bet that anything you can find in one of these books has been put into a homegrown tutorial and published online for free.


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    Linux or X-Windows?
    X-Windows can be covered in a single topic, GUI
    Linux is a different ball game
    you got shells, networks, Kernel all the great stuph that a computer actually IS
    is good place to see what Linux IS
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